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"Ayurveda " which was originated from Sanskrit about 5000 years ago defines word Ayur as 'Life' and Veda as ' knowledge ' which is combinedly meant as knowledge of life. The treatment that is based on the knowledge of life is now considered to be the most holistic way of health care for rejuvenating your mind and body. In today’s world with reasons like stress pollution, unbalanced diet or other detrimental living practice ones health preservation has become a challenge. We offer a no. of rejuvenation programme suited for your life style and health conditions based on the principles of Ayurveda. Our treatment package utilise various healing modalities to cure and prevent disease, preserve health and promote longevity.

Our package for Ayurveda Body Treatment includes:


Akshi Anna Lepanam

Akshi Sekam



Dhanyamla Dhara



Eye Massage

Foot Massage

Greeva Vasti

Head & Face Massage

Janu Vasti


Karna Poorana

Karna Shoopanam

Kashaya Shirodhara

Kashaya Vasti

Kati Vasti



Njavara Theppu

Njavara Kizhi




Sneha Vasti

Steam Bath

Thala Pothichil





Our Price Starts From

Abhyangam 2000

Akshi Anna Lepanam 2200

Akshi Sekam 1500

Avikizhi 1900

Bandaging 1200

Dhanyamla Dhara 1550

Dhoomapanam 1500

Elakizhi 2100

Eye Massage 1900

Foot Massage 1200

Greeva Vasti 1900

Head & Face Massage 1500

Janu Vasti 1900

Kabalam 1500

Karna Poorana 1900

Karna Shoopanam 1900

Kashaya Shirodhara 1800

Kashaya Vasti 2100

Kati Vasti 1900

Lepanam 1800

Nasyam 1500

Njavara Theppu 2800

Njavara Kizhi 2500

Pizhichil 2100+oil cost

Podikizhi 2100

Shirodhara 1500+oil cost

Sneha Vasti 2000

Steam Bath 500

Thala Pothichil 2300

Thalam 800

Tharpanam 2000

Udwarthanam 2500

Ksheeradhara 2100

***Prices given above are not tax inclusive

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